Dirty Desert Scene in Blender!

Jul 20, 2021



So recently there was a bit of buzz over a render of mine, created entirely in Blender:

Yep, not a picture, and 100% made in Blender! And it was really easy.

So the process isn't difficult, but it takes some time, so Ryuu and I decided to whip up another simple image of an abandoned radio device in the same type of environment:

And due to popular demand, we'll be releasing this as a mini course. Complete modeling, texturing, rendering, compositing... everything will be included to show you the full process needed to create this scene.

Without going overboard on information in this post (since that's what the course is for), the general strategy is as follows:

1) Device modeling

2) Terrain creation

3) Environment texturing/rock scattering

4) Lighting (extremely important for that realistic feel)

5) Rendering

6) Compositing


We will probably make a more advanced course around this type of thing at a future date, so we are keeping this course open at a limited number of seats to test the waters. If you want in, keep an eye out for our upcoming enrollment date - they will fill up FAST! You can fill out the form below to be reminded if you haven't already.


Oh, and before I forget, absolutely no Blender addons are needed (except some free ones that already come pre-installed with Blender).



Josh & Ryuu

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