Real-Time SciFi Environments

Nov 05, 2021


Big news...

We are working on a massive project together with ST3, one of the Hard Ops devs.

This one is unlike anything we've made before.

We'll be creating real-time SciFi environments using Blender and Unity.

Modeling in Blender. Design in Unity. This will be a project showing you exactly how to create your very own level inside of the Unity game engine.

Why Unity? Well, most indie devs use it, and it has a massive community.

Also, ST3 knows Unity very well, and it is so much more user friendly than Unreal Engine (no complex nodes and tricky scene setups).

We've always wanted to do a project like this, but we want to make it good.

And good will take a while.

But a 'while' for us should be by the end of this year, or early next. We work quick.

This is going to be the perfect course for anyone wanting to get into level design, gamedev, 3D modeling, or a combo of all.

We are still in the early stages of development, but here's what we have so far:

So far, here is the general plan of attack:

- Model the environment in Blender (Hard Ops/Boxcutter will be used for modeling)

- (Optional) Trim Sheet designing - they will be provided if you want to skip this part

- Triangulation, optimization, import into Unity

- Unity scene setup

- Lighting/trim sheets/textures


We plan to post updates as we progress through this course, so keep posted here on this blog or fill out the form below to receive updates and information regarding this course.

We want to make this scene AAA-quality, so getting everything prepared and presented will take some time. But we will do it, and give you the best damn course that we can. We'll post more screenshots in the coming days/weeks.


Chat soon,

Blender Bros

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