Big update! - Real-Time SciFi Environments

Nov 07, 2021

Big news!

The environment is complete for our upcoming Real-Time SciFi Environments course (big props to Ryuu for grinding this out all day for the past several days).

Here are some updated screenshots of the interior:

The next plan of attack is to wrap up the trim sheet tutorials and begin texturing everything.

The nice thing about this environment is there will only be a few material references since nearly everything will be textured using trim sheets.

So this means a few things: less memory usage, amazing optimization, good game performance, and of course, versatility!

For now, we still have some work to do, such as recording environment optimization, unwrapping, texturing, etc, while ST3 works on the Unity portion of the course.

I'll post some screenshots of the trim sheets here soon. Keep up to date by subscribing below!


Chat soon,

- Blender Bros

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