Real-Time SciFi Environments - BIG update!

Nov 14, 2021


Hey there!

Real-Time SciFi Environments is coming along at a steady speed (we're ahead of schedule!) so I'm super excited to announce that our trim sheet section is complete.

As you know, trim sheets are incredibly powerful for quick and clean texturing while keeping your scene optimized (if you haven't seen my recent trim sheet video, check it out here).

With that being said, I'm happy to announce that all 4 trim sheet tutorials for the course have been completed!

These trims are going to be amazing for Kitbash sets - just look at how we used them in the course below:

Pretty cool right?

Extremely simple assets, yet a very convincing look.

And this is exactly how the big-name video game companies do it (in most cases).

Make a few clean looking trims, texture them, and then drop them on your models.

It's that easy.

And the best part?

Models that share trim sheets only have to reference one material.

So you could technically have thousands of objects, and if they all use the same trim sheet, there is only one material being used in the entire scene!

It's pretty friggin' amazing.

Here are a few renders of the trims from Real-Time SciFi Environments here:





The course will have all trim sheets provided as a resource for you to download (there are 8 total, with two duplicates of different colors).

And of course, full modeling, design, and texturing tutorials for four of them.

Kitbash pieces will be provided as a resource as well (pre-textured to save you time, but we also show you how to texture them manually if you prefer).

Our next goal is to finish texturing the environment, so we'll have many more updates and screenshots to share with you soon.


Chat soon,

Josh & Ryuu

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