Compositing for 3D Artworks

Compositing is an essential skill 3D artists must have to improve their portfolio and present their work. It makes all the difference when it comes to getting jobs, clients, and recognition in your industry.

What You'll Get:

  • Blender scene & render overview
  • 1 hour long breakdown footage of how to properly composite a 3D render
  • Photoshop compositing tutorial
  • Boolean Tool Overview
  • Visual design considerations & techniques

Part 1 - Blender Scene Overview

See how we set up our Blender scenes, including camera angles, lighting setups, & much more.


Part 2 - Basic Photoshop Scene Setup

Learn how we set up our Photoshop scenes in just a few minutes.


Part 3 - Advanced Compositing Walkthrough

Compositing can get tricky, but it doesn't have to be. This part will walk you through exactly how we approach it in Photoshop.


Part 4 - Color & Lighting Management

Properly set up your colors and lighting for a beautiful, balanced image.


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Compositing for 3D Artworks

Project Files & Design Discussions

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Frequently Asked Questions

You'll just need Photoshop. That's it!

If you have a different image software you'd prefer, you can follow along using it instead, although the techniques may be slightly different.

This course assumes minimal experience with compositing, so beginner or advanced users should be able to follow along just fine.

We sure do! You'll have a full 60 days (yes - 60 days!) to go through the course, implement the techniques, and then decide if it's a right fit for you. This means you can enroll risk-free, and if you're not happy with the material, shoot us an email and we'll refund you.

Josh Gambrell

Josh is a 3D hard-surface artist, educator, and YouTuber who has been using the Blender 3D software for nearly a decade. He has a passion for helping people fulfill their 3D goals and visions, while also providing the necessary resources needed to achieve mastery.


Ponte Ryuurui (Ryuu)

Ponte Ryuurui (Ryuu) is a Tokyo based multi-genre artist, author and educator. Currently focusing on 3D hard surface concept art and creating 3D courses for Blender. Ryuu is also a professional portrait photographer and a certified Master of Japanese calligraphy with All Japan Calligraphy and Literature Association, as well as an author of several books on the subject of Japanese writing systems.