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Unfamiliar with trim sheets? Then you NEED this course. We cover everything you need to know about trim sheets, A to Z.

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BlenderBros Trim Sheet Paneling Pack

A full trim sheet pack containing hard surface paneling, floating decals, and tutorial videos.

This pack is perfect for 1-click detailing of your models and environments.

If are want to learn about trims in their entirety, we'd highly suggest you grab our A-Z Environment Design using Trim Sheets course. It breaks down everything, and shows you how to model, design, and texture one from scratch.

What you'll get:

  • 3 trim sheets in total ($21 value)
  • Bonus tutorial videos (how to model & design trims)
  • Blend file for studying

What are trim sheets?

Put simply, trim sheets are extremely detailed textures.

In more advanced terms, instead of having to model in intricate details manually onto your objects, which can be time consuming and heavy in terms of poly count, you can create a trim sheet with these details and unwrap the texture over the model.

The benefit is that there is no additional poly count on your scene (since it is an unwrapped texture), and you have a completely reusable set of details for any of your projects. You model the trim once, and bake the details into a normal, AO, curvature and ID map and you are done.

How can I use them?

I will assume you have some basic Blender knowledge if you are looking at this product in the first place.

Basically, you add a material and image texture, and plug in the appropriate maps provided in this pack (usually normal, metallic, roughness and AO) into the Principled BSDF shader.

If you have Decal Machine, this process can be automated.

Well, couldn't I just model detail manually instead?

Sure you could, but you could also save hours of time modeling this detail and use that time to instead study, build your portfolio, and practice your modeling.

As the old phrase goes "time is money".

Required addons

  • None

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