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Stim Gun Design in Blender

This 5-hour course covers the essentials of hard surface design.

What you'll get:

  • Design considerations
  • Proper detail placement
  • What makes a model look appealing
  • Various hard surface design techniques
  • Modeling, rendering and post-processing tutorial


You will receive:

- 13 tutorial videos

- Project files


What tools do I need?

We will be utilizing the Hard Ops and Boxcutter addons. If you prefer to model without the use of these addons, you may, but we would not recommend it.

We also use Decal Machine for adding tertiary details (logos, bolts, ridges, etc).



The purpose of this course is to discuss design in-depth during modeling, one of the most overlooked topics among 3D artists.

One must carefully consider detail placement, balance, and aesthetics. It matters.


Who is this for?

This is suggested for those with at least some basic experience with hard surface modeling in Blender. You definitely don't need to be a pro, but basic hotkeys in Blender should be understood.


Why will this course benefit me?

Most people can model. Many can't get design correctly. We all go through it. The purpose of this course is to hammer in your design skills to make your future projects more badass. It's that simple.


Do I need any additional tools?

Well, not really, but we never finish a render without some post-processing at the end. We use Photoshop for this, but any other software like GIMP or Affinity Photo will do.


*Info decals are not included with this course. Here are some packs we'd recommend for Decal Machine:





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