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10+1 Trim Sheet Bundle for Blender

10+1 Trim Sheet Bundle for Blender. Includes textured and non-textured trim sheets.

The textured trims have the letters "QM" next to them.


You will get:

• 11 trim sheets (9 textured/non-textured + 2 without textures)

Decal Machine ready trims (plug and play)

• 250+ individual trim details

• 11 ID Maps for personal texturing included


What are trim sheets?

Trim Sheets are simply textures that you unwrap over objects. The process is exactly the same as unwrapping a texture onto a mesh.

The benefits? No extra geometry is needed, and absolutely no modeling is required. 2 clicks and you have realistic models and details applied to your mesh.

This is one of the most powerful ways to create optimized game assets or simply detail your concept art. You can have an incredibly low poly object that looks extremely detailed with no extra modeling needed!


Why do I need them?

One of the most frustrating things in 3D is creating mundane detail that requires no effort and, instead, is just straight-up boring. That is, modeling basic notches, pipes, panels, etc. It's easy and boring work, and this time could instead be re-invested into other things.

As a 3D artist, time is EVERYTHING. Instead of modeling an insane amount of details from scratch, you can simply use trim sheets and "trim" the details off and unwrap it over your scenes. It's that easy!

Thing is, creating trim sheets like the one's showcased here takes weeks. Even a single professional-quality trim sheet can take an entire day (most of the ones here took at least 2), assuming you already have the know-how and modeling ability to make them. Luckily, we've done that work for you and provided 11 quality trims here to you so you can instead focus on what matters: your 3D art.


I want to learn how to design my own trim sheets, too!

We have a course covering this: A-Z Environment Design using Trim Sheets.


How to use included ID Maps to texture trim sheets:



Trim sheet usage demo:



Our website - https://www.blenderbros.com/