Recommended Blender addons/software


Blender is our main weapon of choice, and is the only software we use. It is completely free, open source, and has just about everything you need to get started on your 3D journey.

Hard Ops

Hard Ops is our preferred modeling toolkit. Hard Ops is a workflow assistant aimed at making modeling as fast and efficient as possible by optimizing the number of clicks per operation. We use this tool every day in our workflow, along with Boxcutter.


Boxcutter is an efficient tool made to run booleans effortlessly. It allows for complex boolean operations in a single click, without the headache of the manual workflow. Click, drag, cut, and you're done. This is a perfect complement to Hard Ops. We wouldn't recommend using one without the other.

Decal Machine

Decal Machine is the perfect addon for adding details to your mesh, post-modeling. Sometimes simple modeling techniques don't yield enough detail, and that's where Decal Machine comes in. Select any decal from your decal libraries, snap it to your object, and you have extra detail in seconds. Small detail can make or break your portfolio, and the ease of use makes this our number one choice.

Mesh Machine

Mesh Machine is a mesh modeling addon for Blender, with a focus on the hard surface modeling workflow. It allows for revocation of destructive operations that would usually be locked in to your mesh. Fuse and Unfuse surfaces, create variable fillets, undo bevels and complex geometry, and more.

Machin3 Tools

Machin3 Tools is a free addon allowing for easy access to different pie menus within Blender. We personally use it for hopping in and out of object/edit mode, but it has many more tools to offer.

Kit Ops 2

Kit Ops 2 is a preeminent kitbashing addon for Blender. It allows for effortless kitbashing and creation of hard-surface designs within Blender. Using built-in premade objects called Inserts, you can throw together various designs and detail in seconds.

Definitely Eevee Materials System

This premade materials system contains 100+ Eevee-compatible photorealistic materials which can be added to ANY object in 1 click. It also works with Cycles. This incorporates CMF elements - Color, Materials, Finish. Get natural grunge textures, wear and tear, dirt and scratches, and more with this must-have materials system.


Cablerator is a Blender addon for creating and editing hanging cables. Create cables in 1 click between two surfaces, draw cables effortlessly, add cable connectors and more!


PowerSave is a streamlined saving system for Blender. Hit the PowerSave button, and you save instantly. You can always use this to save consecutive backups so you always have access to a previous file.

Quixel Mixer

Quixel Mixer is a free 3D texturing software. Similar to Substance Painter, it allows for easy UV-based texturing of your models. Preloaded with a robust smart materials system, this is a great choice for getting clean results in record time.

Substance Painter

Substance Painter is a 3D texturing software that allows for easy UV-based texturing of your models. Equipped with a robust materials system, decal library, and layer-based workflow, this is the perfect match for all of your texturing needs.

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