A completely revamped game asset framework.

No tricky quad topology. No time wasting. Just a workflow that will bring portfolio and studio-worthy game assets without stressing out over topology. But that's not all...


We tried everything...

Whether it was through hour-long YouTube videos, premium online training or simply asking for help in a forum, nothing was getting us results when it came to creating hard surface game assets.

So what did we do ?

We gave up too early.

Yep. We admit it. We quit early because we found this stuff to be too difficult, and there was no content out there that would actually help us out.

Sure, we were getting bits and pieces of information from various sources, but what we really needed was a comprehensive framework that worked 100% of the time.

But it didn't exist.

We were stuck in the endless grind of following tutorials and scouring forums, in hopes that we would find a glimmer of hope when it came to our hard surface game asset journey.

There was simply too much to learn. We needed to know:

  • The right way to model and optimize game assets
  • How to work with ngons and booleans without having to retopologize
  • An efficient way to unwrap and pack our UVs
  • How to prepare our models for export into game engines (this never worked for us!)
  • A quick way to bake and texture our models without tricky node groups or mindless Photoshopping
  • And most importantly... how to package this all together in one comprehensive workflow


So what did we do?

Simply put, we spent years mastering this stuff.

We created new modeling techniques that we never found on YouTube or online forums.

We mastered different methods for efficiently unwrapping our models, without all the manual labor.

We found out how to use ngons in our game models, without having to retopologize into quads (this was a game changer!)

And we, of course, found an easy way to export our models from Blender for use in other 3D software, like Unreal Engine, Unity or Substance Painter.


But how did we learn all of this stuff if we couldn't find any relevant information online?

Well, we pieced together all the bits and pieces of information we found over the years, and mastered these techniques until we found different methods that worked for us.

And guess what? We developed a perfect, flawless workflow that works for any hard surface game asset.

Introducing our MAD-T Framework for hard surface game assets!

In this easy-to-follow formula, we have a simple 4-step process that guarantees hard surface game assets that not only work, but that look amazing!

M is for Modeling - Modeling is the most important process. Without modeling, you won't have a game asset in the first place!

However, there is a very specific way you must model your game assets, and most tutorials won't show you this.


A is for Automation - What the heck is Automation?

This is a term we've replaced with unwrapping.

UV Unwrapping is a scary (and sometimes boring) process that we all inevitably must go through.

Because of this, we searched for ages for an easy way to automate this process as much as possible, so you can spend more time doing the fun stuff.

This section will discuss 4 common unwrapping issues, and the way to automate them. We'll focus on 4 primary concepts: rings, chamfer seams, continuous sets of faces, and sneaky edge markings.


D is for Decimation - Although modern GPUs and game engines do a great job at handling higher poly counts nowadays, it's still important to optimize your assets!

With our method of optimization, you'll get super clean, low-poly meshes in a very short amount of time.


T is for Triangulation - Let's be real - no one likes retopologizing. It's boring, and most importantly, it's unnecessary.

Most tutorials will tell you "you must model in quads", but it simply isn't true.

With modern weighted-normal methods and boolean workflows, ngons are completely fine to use.

This section will show you the exact process to deal with ngons on your mesh, so they don't cause you problems in the future.


With our hard surface game asset course, you'll learn this entire, tested formula so you can start creating amazing AAA-quality game assets TODAY!

Let's take a look inside...

What's Included?

  • Our comprehensive Game Asset 2.0 course
  • SciFi Rifle modeling tutorials
  • BONUSPortfolio presentation
  • BONUS: Our complete MAD-T framework PDF
  • BONUS: Double Your Resolution Using Texture Sets
  • Over 6 hours of video training (live commentary, no timelapses)


Complete SciFi Rifle modeling tutorials (4+ hours process videos)


Although this course aims to focus on our MAD-T framework for game assets, it wouldn't be a course without showing you the modeling as well!

We've included a full set of commentated, real-time tutorials on the creation of the SciFi rifle (shown in the course and on the thumbnail).



Decimating your mesh is essential in order to have a well-optimized mesh. We use two primary techniques for this.

This is an essential step, otherwise you may have problematic bakes.




Too many people use the old, outdated method of manually applying their seams and UVs.

This method is slow and inefficient. We've developed a much more powerful solution to save you hours of time unwrapping.




Triangulation is essential for hard surface game assets. Without it, you're in for a big mess.

This is because external 3D software will have their own triangulation algorithms, and since we're using booleans and ngons, that is a big no-no! We'll show you how to fix that.





Baking is an essential part of the game asset workflow.

It allows you to take a low-poly mesh, and view it as if it were high-poly! This is a perfect technique for optimization.





Once our model is complete, it's time to texture it!

We'll be using Substance Painter for this one, a powerful texturing software.


Unreal Engine Import


This is the easiest step of the entire process. Once your model is complete, you simply have to import it along with the textures.



Double Your Resolution Using Texture Sets


Sometimes you just need more resolution, even though you're already using 2k or 4k.

You can easily achieve this using multiple texture sets, and we've included a bonus set of tutorials on how to do just that.


Our MAD-T Framework PDF


We've included a full PDF reference guide to assist you after you complete the course.

Use it as a reference while you're making your own game assets!


Portfolio Presentation


Having a proper portfolio showing off your work is essential.

Without it, even if you have the most badass game asset, no one will get "wowed" by your work. Make it count!




UV Assist


Automate your UV unwrapping in 2 clicks with our special 'UV Assist' UV Unwrapping tool.

No need to mark seams manually like before. This tool does most of the heavy work for you by selecting the sharp edges and marking seams automatically. 




One-Time Payment

  • The Blender Bros Hard Surface Game Asset 2.0 Course ($197 value) 
  • All additional material listed above ($80 value)
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Required Tools

Additional tools we use:

P.S. - When you enroll in the Blender Bros Hard Surface Game Asset 2.0 course you are joining risk free. You have 60 days to engage in all of the strategies and tutorials we cover, or your money back.

Once you learn how to properly and efficiently create your very own game assets, you'll be well on your way to developing a more robust portfolio, working in the game industry, or simply advancing your skill set.

We understand the frustration that comes with making hard surface models and getting them to work effectively in game engines.

I spent years running into all sorts of rendering, shading, and import issues. Sometimes they worked, and sometimes they didn't. But there was a never a framework for me to follow.

This is why we developed the MAD-T framework for hard surface game assets. It works. It's simple. And anyone can use it.

M - Modeling

A - Automation

D - Decimation

T - Triangulation

We are so confident in this framework that we have no doubt it'll work for you. We've tested it thoroughly on all sorts of hard surface game assets, and it has never failed.

And if it doesn't meet your expectations, you're covered with our 60-day money-back guarantee. That means all the risk is on us.

If this framework doesn't work for you, then simply email us and we'll refund you every penny. Deal?

That's how confident we are that this framework will work for you!

We're excited to share this curriculum with you. Get started by choosing your package above.

Josh Gambrell

Josh is a 3D hard-surface artist, educator, and YouTuber who has been using the Blender 3D software for nearly a decade. He has a passion for helping people fulfill their 3D goals and visions, while also providing the necessary resources needed to achieve mastery.


Ponte Ryuurui (Ryuu)

Ponte Ryuurui (Ryuu) is a Tokyo based multi-genre artist, author and educator. Currently focusing on 3D hard surface concept art and creating 3D courses for Blender. Ryuu is also a professional portrait photographer and a certified Master of Japanese calligraphy with All Japan Calligraphy and Literature Association, as well as an author of several books on the subject of Japanese writing systems.