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"I spent $10k on my degree in 3D, and even after that I have to go outside for more knowledge. This course taught me more than my 3 years in University." - Saurabh

"You keep making these classes and I will keep throwing money at them. Because both of you explain stuff in a way that is easy to understand." - Kyle

"Somebody mentioned I might like hard surface modeling and Blender Bros was the first thing I saw for learning Blender. Glad I picked up the Academy!" - Spewky

The 3 Big Objections of Talented 3D Artists

Many talented artists have self-limiting beliefs and powerful objections, blocking their path to success. The 3 most common ones are listed below:


"I'm not naturally talented at this stuff!"

This is the most common limiting belief, and below, we'll discuss why your natural talent doesn't matter.

"I'm too busy - I just don't have the time!"

We are all busy people, but you don't have to study 3D full time to become a successful artist. We both learned it while working full time.

"The competition in this industry is too high!"

Actually, the barrier to entry is quite low. Most artists don't focus on the core design principles, which we'll teach you inside the Academy.

 The Truth Is...

  • Natural talent can be developed. With enough immersion and practice, your brain slowly "clocks in" to the right workflow, and begins to see designs in a different way.
  • You don't need to treat this like a job, you just need to consistently practice. And with our unique workflow, you can master this stuff quicker than you think.
  • Competition is low, because most artists don't know how to effectively present their work. You don't need to be the worlds best 3D modeler - you just need to know how to create and present stuff that is "good enough". Luckily for you - 98% of 3D artists aren't doing this, which is why you can surpass them with the right approach.

Academy Outline

The Hard Surface Academy 2.0 contains our best Blender courses & products - the ones that have gotten our students the most effective and cleanest results.


Personalized Coaching

Getting direct access to us as your instructors and quick help is essential for speeding up your learning process.

  • Private Discord community with access to Ryuu and I and other Academy members.
  • Share your work, ask for help, and get immediate feedback - no wasted time.
  • Get personalized help as you progress through the Academy content.

Having a community where you can ask questions directly related to the material is going to save you  loads of time. The best part? Ryuu and I will be there to help guide you through the content and solve any problems you may encounter.


Rendering University

A step-by-step formula to mastering your presentation skills to build a rewarding career, earn a loyal following, and do work that you're excited about in the world of 3D.

  • The 4 key points needed to get a job in the 3D industry, gain steady clients, and build a loyal following.
  • How to effectively market your work and begin seeing real results
  • Composition & lighting techniques needed to bring power and awe to your renders

You see, 90% of 3D artists barely put any work into their portfolio, leading them to mediocre results. Your competition is lower than you think, and with a few key tweaks to the way you present your work, you can be in the top 10% of 3D artists.


The Blender Bros Shape Bootcamp

After coaching tens of thousands of our students, we've noticed the biggest problem people run in to is being able to come up with cool shapes from scratch. This course will fix that for good.

  • Understand the creative approach needed to "read" the language of shapes.
  • How to build on top of simple shapes without references.
  • The best way to think about placing details and modeling - all from scratch.

This course will cover everything you need to go from staring at the default cube with zero ideas to being able to flawlessly and effortlessly create cool shapes from scratch.


The Hard Surface Game Asset Course 2.0

The game industry is rapidly evolving. In this course, you'll master:

  • Proper hard surface modeling techniques for AAA-quality game assets
  • Our MAD-T framework for hard surface game assets (a tested & proven formula!)
  • The correct way to present your work and build a powerful portfolio

You’ll finish this course with a complete picture of what it takes to create industry-level game assets from scratch, all in just a few hours.


The ULTIMATE Guide to Hard Ops & Boxcutter

Hard Ops & Boxcutter are the best hard surface modeling tools on the market. In this course, we'll cover exactly how to use them properly, including:

  • Complete Hard Ops & Boxcutter overview
  • Practical space ship modeling exercise (full tutorial & live training)
  • How to efficiently model in Blender with these amazing addons

This could save you thousands of hours of modeling time. Hop in and get started!


SciFi Generator Design in Blender

Creating detailed SciFi designs in Blender is not that difficult. If you focus on the right techniques, you'll achieve some amazing, realistic results. This course will cover:

  • Visual design in 3D, and how to use it to your advantage
  • Shape echoing & detail balance, and why it's so important
  • Efficient hard surface modeling techniques with Hard Ops & Boxcutter

You’ll finish this course with a deeper understanding of how to create your own designs from scratch, without reference images.


The Blender Bros Design Course

The most important aspect you must master as a 3D artist is the art of presentation. Without good presentation skills, your portfolio will be lost in a sea of artists. This course covers:

  • Easy techniques to fix your portfolio and improve your renders
  • The best way to make your portfolio stand out to get clients & jobs
  • A practical visual design exercise, since the visuals of your 3D models matter too!

You’ll finish this course ready to create a kick-ass portfolio and stand out amongst the crowd.


A-Z Environment Design Using Trim Sheets

Did you know you can create complex-looking environments with very basic modeling skills? Yes, it's true, and the way we do it is by using something called a trim sheet . We'll cover:

  • What trims sheets are and how to create your own from scratch
  • How to create simple, blocky models and turn them into detailed SciFi environments
  • Modular environment creation, so you only have to do the work once

Even if you're a complete beginner, you can create beautiful SciFi environments with this powerful technique. This course will show you exactly how to do it.


Concept Environment Masterclass in Blender

Sometimes, we just want to create some cool looking environments without doing a ton of work. That's what this course is all about! We'll cover:

  • How to model and create a simple SciFi environment from scratch.
  • Compositing techniques in Photoshop to make your render super-realistic!
  • Practical lighting & composition techniques to make your work stand out

This is a fun, laid back course, perfect for anyone wanting some quick wins!


Hard Surface Drone Design in Blender

Complete beginners need some love too! This course will guide you through the process of creating a SciFi drone in Blender from scratch. We'll cover:

  • Sub-d modeling techniques for curvy, organic shapes
  • A practical workflow perfect for complete beginners & even intermediates!
  • How to take inspiration from nature to create badass SciFi designs from scratch

Beginners & intermediates will love this course!


SciFi Mech Design in Blender

An oldie but a goodie. Our highly popular mech design course was one of our first products to launch, and is still extremely popular amongst many hard surface designers. We cover:

  • Intermediate & advanced hard surface modeling techniques for complex designs
  • The Hard Ops & Boxcutter hard surface modeling addons for efficient modeling
  • How to create amazing composites of your mechs from scratch

This is one of our longest courses, but is packed with powerful information!


Compositing for 3D Artworks

Being able to present your work and give it that "wow" factor is an incredibly important skill in hard surface modeling. With Photoshop as our weapon of choice, we'll show you:

  • The best way to properly edit & touch-up your renders
  • Composition and framing techniques to achieve amazing imagery
  • How to go from a dull, boring render to a powerful, stunning image

While many are confident with modeling, not many are confident with presentation. This course will fix that!


Hard Surface Unwrapping in Blender

UV Unwrapping is an essential skill one must master in order to texture their 3D models. Often times, this topic is over-complicated. However, we've developed a simple approach:

  • An easy-to-understand workflow for creating beautiful UV unwraps
  • Island packing techniques for the best possible texture resolution
  • The right way to place seams on your hard surface models

UV Unwrapping is often seen as some scary, boring thing. But it's actually quite fun if you know how to approach it correctly. Let's change that way of thinking!


ULTIMATE Trim Sheet & Decal Bundle

You don't have to model everything on your design - in fact, it's quite the contrary. You can use decals and trim sheets to quickly add detail in seconds. This pack contains:

  • 12 SciFi trim sheets (textured & non-textured)
  • 460 SciFi decals
  • 11 ID Maps for your own custom texturing

All trim sheets & decals are compatible with Decal Machine.


Trim Sheet Design in Blender

Designing trim sheets can be tricky, but they are so powerful for creating your own custom designs and style. This short tutorial will teach:

  • Trim Sheet design practices
  • How to use decal machine to automatically apply trims
  • How to use the free GrabDoc addon to quickly bake maps for your trims

All trim sheets you create will be compatible with Decal Machine.


Bonus PDF Guides

As a bonus for new subscribers, we've included our 3 popular PDF guides with your purchase:

  • 5 Powerful Design Elements PDF
  • The Blender Export Guide PDF
  • Hard Ops & Boxcutter Shortcuts PDF

You can use these any time for quick reference during your Blender work. They're super useful!


10 Pro Masterclasses

We've included our 10 popular masterclasses that are only available to our private coaching members. This is the only other place you're able to access them! This includes:

  • Rethinking Your Portfolio
  • Understanding Depth of Field
  • Marketing, Providing Value, & Building and Audience
  • Importance of Negative Space
  • The Mindset for Success in 3D
  • The Mastery of One Light
  • The Power of Polygons
  • Photoshop: A Masterclass in Curves
  • Dynamic Elements in Hard Surface Modeling
  • The Power of Progressive Detailing

These masterclasses are insanely valuable and will give you some quick wins for your portfolio, mindset and Blender skills.


See what our students are saying...


The Hard Surface Academy 2.0


Total Value = $5,240



One-Time Payment


  • The Hard Surface Academy 2.0 (includes all courses listed above)
  • Private Discord community
  • BONUS Masterclasses, PDFs and mini-courses
  • 60 day money-back guarantee





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Josh Gambrell

Josh is a 3D hard surface artist, educator, and YouTube who has been using the Blender 3D software for nearly a decade. He has a passion for helping people fulfill their 3D goals and visions, while also providing the necessary resources needed to achieve mastery. You can find his hard surface modeling tutorials on YouTube, where he helps over 180,000 artists master their craft.