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"Max Level"

"Josh & Ryuu are max level operatives. I am content leaving education of the XDUGEF (manipulation of form) ideology to the BlenderBros. Anyone can use a boolean but the hand in hand topological understanding of surface control is the true moral and these guys get it."
masterxeon1001, founder of TeamC, co-creator of Hard Ops and Boxcutter.

"Committed to exploring"


"Blender Bros, with Josh and Ryuu, are committed to exploring the hard work of hard surface modeling, and then sharing their findings with both free and paid instructional videos. They together tackle some of the most difficult modeling concepts, using Blender with and without industry standard addons-- and are most definitely a new and welcome addition to the Blender world."

Chipp Walters, designer of KIT OPSSYNTH and a host of other addons.

"Easy to follow"


Josh and Ryuu always explain all steps in-depth and every step is easy to follow. They guide you, but you have the freedom to follow your own creative path wherever it takes you. Blender was intimidating but thanks to BlenderBros the learning is fun and very informative!

- Peerie, student