Learn Our Entireย Hard Surface Modeling Framework In Blender - For Free.

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Jumpstart Your 3D Career

Exclusive Blender hard surface modeling training, courses, and resources. Start building your 3D career today!

The Secret to Design

Learn our simple approach to hard surface design, presentation, lighting and more. Your portfolio will thank you.

Earn an Income

Discover the secret recipe to creating jaw-dropping work that sells. Let's make your work more marketable to potential clients & companies!

In this FREE mini course, you'll master hard surface modeling in Blender by:

  • Learning the right way to model WITHOUT complex or overwhelming operations (you'll laugh at how simple it is...)
  • Fixing common shading, topology, and artifact problems (these always tend to sneak up on you...)
  • Presenting your work effectively via clean rendering and composition so that your work gets noticed
  • Building an effective, professional-quality portfolio that drives likes and clients directly to your inbox
  • Understanding the rules of hard surface modeling, design, and how to work efficiently to get sh*t done!
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