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Learning the right way to model WITHOUT complex or overwhelming operations (you'll laugh at how simple it is...)

Fixing common shading, topology, and artifact problems (these always tend to sneak up on you...)

Presenting your work effectively via clean rendering and composition so that your work gets noticed

Building an effective, professional-quality portfolio that drives likes and clients directly to your inbox

Understanding the rules of hard surface modeling, design, and how to work efficiently to get sh*t done!

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Being able to blockout a model is one of the most important skills you can learn as a hard surface artist.

Without blockouts, you won't be able to define body language, add detail, and build on top of the form that already exists. This course will show you how to properly block out a 3D model without drawings or blueprints.



Let's be real - you're here because you wanna learn how to model.

Well, we're gonna show ya how. In this section, you'll master Blender's hard surface modeling tools, workflows, and techniques. We'll even show you some of our special tricks ;)



Once you've completed the blockout - what's next?

This is where the detailing phase comes in. Your blockout is considered your primary shape, and the details added afterwards define your secondary and tertiary shapes.

This section will show you how to properly add detail without getting overwhelmed with the tools.



I'll be honest - most people suck at rendering, but it's actually one of the easiest things to do.

With one single light and a decent camera angle, you can create amazing jaw-dropping renders that will lure in followers & clients to your portfolio.

This section is the most important - so do not skip it!



Much like chef must clean up his kitchen after cooking, an artist must clean up his image after rendering.

If you don't, then you'll have a messy, un-appetizing image. We don't want that!

The goal is to bring attention to our work, and post-processing is the icing on the cake to make that happen.


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