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Goodbye, Seams!


Complete Customization – No Nodes Required!

Designed for Hard Surface Artists.

Handcrafted by Hard Surface Artists.

Brand New: Edge Wear & Grunge

Surface imperfections and edge wears are a natural effect that you see on any real-life object.

Dust, scratches, grunge, fingerprints... you get the idea.

This feature is currently in development and is nearly complete, and is the best addition to MaterialWorks yet.

How neat is that?


Fully Optimized Maps

Slow PC? Low on memory? Good PC? High on memory?

No problem – we’ve optimized everything for you with 1k and 4k maps.

If you have a powerful machine and don’t care about memory or performance, choose 4k.

If you have a slower machine and less memory, choose 1k.

You can get identical results using 1k maps. Since all of our textures are tileable, simply scale up the 1k map and it’ll look the same as the 4k map – without using any extra memory or bogging down performance.

How neat is that?


Transparency Control

Some of our textures have fully transparent masking abilities.

Whether you want some see-through holes in your model, or perhaps want them closed off, simply adjust the transparency slider for full control.


Emission Control

Spice up your materials with full emission control at the click of a button.


Complete Bevel Control

No matter how tight your geometry is, you can always use bevels without nasty overlaps.

Just tick on the ‘Bevel’ checkbox and a procedural bevel will be added to your model.


NEW: UV Support

If you’re going for a traditional game asset workflow, you’ll need to UV. Not to mention, sometimes UVs are essential in certain situations where procedural mapping won’t work.

Or maybe you just want to unwrap the model and use our textures with it outside of Blender (Substance Painter or Unreal Engine, anyone?)

We’ve added a simple box that allows you to seamlessly swap from UV mapping to procedural mapping – no nodes required.

If you’re working mainly with concept art or want a quick preview of the textures, procedural is the way to go.

If you need UVs for a game asset pipeline, you can swiftly swap to that projection mode with the click of a button.


Material Works






One-Time Payment

  • MaterialWorks Blender Plugin
  • 50 Hard-Surface PBR Materials (full pack)
  • New edgewear & grunge generation system
  • HDRi support (+6 studio maps)
  • Commercial use
  • Single-user

Meet Blender Bros

Ryuu is a Tokyo-based multi-genre artist, author and educator. His current focus is on 3D hard surface concept art and creating 3D courses for Blender. Ryuu is also a professional portrait photographer and a certified Master of Japanese Calligraphy with All Japan Calligraphy and Literature Assoication, as well as an author of several books on the subject of Japanese writing systems.

Josh is a 3D hard surface artist, educator, and YouTube who has been using the Blender 3D software for nearly a decade. He has a passion for helping people fulfill their 3D goals and visions, while also providing the necessary resources needed to achieve mastery. You can find his hard surface modeling tutorials on YouTube, where he helps over 190,000 artists master their craft

Frequently Asked

One-Time Payment for Lifetime Access

You will have access to all 50 of our Hard Surface PBR materials

Proxe, the primary developer behind the Hard Ops Addon, also developed our MaterialWorks Plugin. Rest assured, the plugin is optimized for efficiency, and we will be adding updates as needed.

We've never had a single complaint about this tool because it's so powerful. But if you happen to be the first one, we're happy to refund 100% of your purchase, no questions asked.

Say goodbye to your old material workflow. Forever.

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