How to learn Blender FASTER Feb 20, 2023

So I hear you want to learn Blender Fast.

Actually, there are quite a few ways to make it happen.

One would be a structured and well put together learning content.

Luckily for you, that is exactly what we do here at Blender Bros.

Our goal is to help you become better and at using Blender in the...

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The FASTEST Way to Master Blender Jan 20, 2023

Man… I get this question a lot.

“Should I learn Blender foundations first?”

Or: “When should I use addons?”

And do you know what think about it?

It doesn’t bloody matter.

Now, most people would disagree with me.

And, again, it doesn’t bloody matter.


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HardOPS and Boxcutter Tutorial for Beginners Oct 28, 2022

Time is something you cannot buy.

Investing in proper tools is beyond essential.

Such tools will not only save you a ton of time.

They will also help you in developing more efficient workflow.

HardOPS and Boxcutter are my most favourite Blender addons.

The speed and efficiency that I can achieve...

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It is never too late to start learning Blender Oct 22, 2022

Stop with the excuses and start now!

Blender is easy to learn, especially if you follow our tutorials.

The main goal of Blender Bros is to help YOU get better at hard surface modeling, and Blender in general.

But wait! We go far beyond that!

Whether it is scifi design or rendering, post...

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Topology Handbook for Blender 2.0 Oct 17, 2022

Back in 2020 we have created a free Topology Handbook for Blender.

Recently we have released a brand new version of it.

You can grab it for free in here:

Topology Handbook 2.0 for Blender (FREE)

Knowledge of topology is essential for polygon modeling, regardless of the software you are using.


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My Super Simple Blender Setup Oct 12, 2022

I get a lot of questions about how I set up my Blender files.

My setup is actually incredibly simple - just a few addons and settings that I tweak.

In the video above, I'll show you my basic viewport setup, installed addons, and how I configure my Blender scene for an efficient hard surface...

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