HardOPS and Boxcutter Tutorial for Beginners

beginner tutorial hard ops & boxcutter

Time is something you cannot buy.

Investing in proper tools is beyond essential.

Such tools will not only save you a ton of time.

They will also help you in developing more efficient workflow.

HardOPS and Boxcutter are my most favourite Blender addons.

The speed and efficiency that I can achieve with these two is unmatched.

I use them not only in my day to day hard surface Blender modeling, but also in Blender tutorials.

Both Josh and I have plenty of YT videos in which we teach you how to become more proficient in Blender hard surface workflow.

HardOPs and Boxcutter are the building block of many of these Blender tutorials.

Hard surface modeling in Blender is a great fun.

HardOPs and Boxcutter make it so intuitive, it feels like flying.

To help you get started I recorded a tutorial on the basics of HardOPS and Boxcutter.

Even though this tutorial is labeled "for beginners", I am positive that even intermediate users may find some of the tips useful.

If you would like to practice your HardOPs and Boxcutter skills, grab our free Blender tutorial!