How to get better at 3D modeling Oct 10, 2022


Could you defuse a bomb?

Of course not!

And why?

Because you lack of knowledge on explosives.

Can you cut a wire?

Sure you can!

It is a simple task, right?

What does this have to do with modeling?

Well, think about it.

You may not be able to create a dream scifi environment...yet.

But, maybe you...

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That's FUBAR! Can we fix it? Oct 03, 2022

It DOES NOT work!

What doesn't?

Decal Machine!

Yeah, tell me about it...

Here is a fun story for you.

I thought I knew it all regarding Decal Machine, until I ran into this issue.

One day I opened Blender, loaded in an old .blend file, and all of the decals were crazy purple.

Zero textures.

All gone!


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Modeling and texturing made EASY! Oct 01, 2022

Modeling and texturing can be easy, and fun.

AND, both can be done quicker than you think.

Now, I know what you're thinking.

"I don't like cutting corners."

Ha! Agreed!

Shortcuts are a funny thing, though.

They will either hurt you or benefit you.

I take them whenever I can, but without compromising...

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CAD-like Bevels - Blender Tutorial for Hard Surface. Sep 18, 2022

Polygon modeling has its limitations.

These limitations stretch far beyond Blender and hard surface modeling.

A good example here would be bevels running through a complex mesh, or through other bevels.

That is where polygon modeling falls short.

The shading falls apart, and if the issue is...

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Wheel TUTORIAL Blender - Hard Surface Modeling Jul 19, 2022

We have a pretty badass video today.

We'll get right to the point - we're going to design a super simple SciFi wheel using some intermediate-advanced hard surface modeling techniques.

We'll cover:

  • Simple shrinkwrap solutions for a more dynamic feel
  • How to use primitive objects to create complex...
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Modeling from REFERENCE - Turn real life objects into beautiful SciFi designs Jun 30, 2022

One of the most difficult things in hard surface modeling is picturing designs from scratch.

I am yet to meet a single person who hasn't struggled with this at some point in time. Even those with extreme natural talent and bursts of creativity run into these roadblocks from time to time.


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