Modeling from REFERENCE - Turn real life objects into beautiful SciFi designs

decals & trim sheets hard ops & boxcutter texturing

One of the most difficult things in hard surface modeling is picturing designs from scratch.

I am yet to meet a single person who hasn't struggled with this at some point in time. Even those with extreme natural talent and bursts of creativity run into these roadblocks from time to time.

But guess what? There is a shortcut to overcome this.

When is the last time you walked around outside, and simply appreciated the things around you? If you're like us, you probably haven't in a while. We're so absorbed and distracted in our technology and next destination that we often forget about the sources of inspiration surrounding us.

See that generator on the roof of a building? While everyone else is ignoring it, look at it and brainstorm how you could use that shape for some cool SciFi design or modeling experiment. Turn the world into your creative playground.

Blender is an amazing software full of robust tools, but to use them effectively, we need to activate the creative side of our brain. And we can do this by searching the real world for ideas.

So let's go ahead and give a real-life example. In this video, we're going to take a random generator found on top of a roof and turn it into a badass SciFi Design in Blender. Just click the video above to watch how.


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