For real, now, does topology even mater? Nov 10, 2022

The Topology Wars rage on.

"Quads are the only truth!"

"Ngons are evil!"

If you think that way here is what I think you should do.

Build yourself a bridge and get over it.

Topology needs to follow a purpose.

If your project requires to go quads, then go quads.

If it does not, then stop wasting...

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Topology Handbook for Blender 2.0 Oct 17, 2022

Back in 2020 we have created a free Topology Handbook for Blender.

Recently we have released a brand new version of it.

You can grab it for free in here:

Topology Handbook 2.0 for Blender (FREE)

Knowledge of topology is essential for polygon modeling, regardless of the software you are using.


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