For real, now, does topology even mater?


The Topology Wars rage on.

"Quads are the only truth!"

"Ngons are evil!"

If you think that way here is what I think you should do.

Build yourself a bridge and get over it.

Topology needs to follow a purpose.

If your project requires to go quads, then go quads.

If it does not, then stop wasting your bloody time.

Quad modeling is a tool, not an ultimate and the only 3D modeling solution.

Far from it.

We have multiple Blender tutorials and extensive Blender courses where we use ngons.

In fact, we don't have a single pure subd modeling course.


Because it is bloody boring AND we do not need to use subd.

It is essential to work on your tool box.


But the key here is to maximize your efficiency.

Time is everything.

So learn and practice what you need for your line of work.

Subd is still used in VFX, organic modeling, animations and mesh deformations, etc.

And that is all fine.

But if you create a hard surface concept model or even a game asset that does not require quads, then be smart and save time by working with ngon based mesh.