Modeling + Texturing + Rendering in Blender Feb 19, 2023

I'll make this quick and painless.

I am gonna show you a full workflow. Yup!

But there is a twist, and you gonna love it.

We'll go the easy and fun route.

No optimasation, no UVs, no unwrapping.

Hell no!

We are busy people, we don;t have time to mock about.

We are using HardOPS and Boxcutter to...

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We did something naughty with NVIDIA Studio... Sep 27, 2022

Two months ago, Nvidia Studio reached out to us and asked if we would be interested in recording an exclusive tutorial for their YouTube channel.

We thought really long and hard... for about 7 milliseconds.... and said HELL YES.

So what is all the kerfuffle about?

Well it is all about giving...

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Hard Surface Tutorial - Boolean Modeling in Blender Sep 20, 2022

Modeling in Blender is not that difficult, especially if you have solid foundations.

However, the basics are not that hard to learn.

The true challenge lays in developing a solid and efficient workflow that suits your needs and modeling style.

In this Blender tutorial we will model a part of a...

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Models aren't that complicated with this approach! Sep 17, 2022

Stop overcomplicating things in Blender.


We care about your success as a 3D Blender artist, and overcomplicating things will only make your learning slower and more tedious.

But sometimes you don't know when you're overcomplicating things.

Often times it just happens intuitively....

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Wheel TUTORIAL Blender - Hard Surface Modeling Jul 19, 2022

We have a pretty badass video today.

We'll get right to the point - we're going to design a super simple SciFi wheel using some intermediate-advanced hard surface modeling techniques.

We'll cover:

  • Simple shrinkwrap solutions for a more dynamic feel
  • How to use primitive objects to create complex...
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How to drop VRAM in Cycles! (Blender Tutorial) Jul 11, 2022

VRAM is something very crucial to 3D, and a lot of people are maxing it out when working in Blender!

However, VRAM can be dropped. In this video, we'll show you a few different solutions, including how to scale down textures and regain up to 70% of your VRAM!

Even with powerful computers...

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What the HECK is visual weight?? Jun 20, 2022

What in the world is visual weight?

Some may think it's some secret technique that only the elites of 3D have access to.

Although we think it would be cool to call ourselves 'elite' artists, we'd much rather lose that title and teach you these secrets.

The truth is, visual weight...

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