We did something naughty with NVIDIA Studio...

compositing environment lighting post processing rendering
Exclusive Blender tutorial for Nvidia Studio

Two months ago, Nvidia Studio reached out to us and asked if we would be interested in recording an exclusive tutorial for their YouTube channel.

We thought really long and hard... for about 7 milliseconds.... and said HELL YES.

So what is all the kerfuffle about?

Well it is all about giving YOUR portfolio a massive boost!


This tutorial will teach you how to design awesome environments in Blender quickly and with ease.

We packed it with useful tips regarding composition, compositing, lighting and framing.

But wait, there is MORE!

You will also learn how to composite images in post production, edit them and color grade them.

Remember, your portfolio is your business card.

Make it shine and scream your skills.

Make it work for you.


The Part 1 of 4 is live now on NVIDIA Studio YouTube channel:


See you there!

Blender Bros