Models aren't that complicated with this approach!

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Stop overcomplicating things in Blender.


We care about your success as a 3D Blender artist, and overcomplicating things will only make your learning slower and more tedious.

But sometimes you don't know when you're overcomplicating things.

Often times it just happens intuitively.

I studied Mathematics back in University, and this is one thing I notoriously did.

I'd see a problem, try to tackle it, then realize I just took the long route when the solution could've been condensed down to 1-2 lines of work.

Bottom line: We all overcomplicate things at some time or another.

But I want to show you a trick.

A different way of thinking, rather.

This will give you the exact approach you need to take when studying and practicing your 3D modeling.

I actually uploaded this over 2 weeks ago, but just forgot to write the Blog post here.

The video did very well compared to most of my others, which tells me that most of you could really use this info.

So click the video above and give it a watch, because I believe it will be very beneficial to your learning (and it's a really good Blender tutorial, too!)



- Josh


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