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Modeling + Texturing + Rendering in Blender

modeling tutorial rendering texturing

I'll make this quick and painless.

I am gonna show you a full workflow. Yup!

But there is a twist, and you gonna love it.

We'll go the easy and fun route.

No optimasation, no UVs, no unwrapping.

Hell no!

We are busy people, we don;t have time to mock about.

We are using HardOPS and Boxcutter to go savage mode on them cubes.

Then we will use Eevee + Cycles Material Pack via Kitops for texturing.

One click deal, no hassle.

I will also throw a few cool tricks with MeshMachine and Machin3 Tools.

But wait, there is more!

Oh ya there is, we will render it too!

I am sure you will pick up a few cool tricks to make your renders stand out on Art Station.


Gonna be fun, lets go!



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