How to Make Your 3D Models Stand Out Mar 30, 2023

Only because your model is simple, it doesn't mean it cannot look awesome. A LOT can be done with textures. And the best part is, it does not take much time or effort. 

You can take a simple cube, scale it up, cut out the middle, and add a glass texture. Then, model a handle or two, and...

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Take 2 Cubes and 1 Medium Sheep... Mar 17, 2023

Wait... WHAT!?

Well watch the video and you'll know.

Anyways, what I really wanna talk about is how I push my hard surface skills up, and perhaps it will help you out on your path.

Simply put - the variety of smaller projects.

Large projects can be fun as hell, and the can teach you a lot, but...

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From a Blockout to a Mech in Blender Mar 07, 2023


Yeah...chill your moobs, mate. Let's start from the beginning and do it right.

Blockouts. Why blockouts? Well, think about it, with bad foundations any construction will be unstable.

You need follow rules of proportion, scale, and overall sense of balance in your work.


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Modeling + Texturing + Rendering in Blender Feb 19, 2023

I'll make this quick and painless.

I am gonna show you a full workflow. Yup!

But there is a twist, and you gonna love it.

We'll go the easy and fun route.

No optimasation, no UVs, no unwrapping.

Hell no!

We are busy people, we don;t have time to mock about.

We are using HardOPS and Boxcutter to...

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Hard Surface Modeling in Blender - SciFi Pilot Seat Feb 15, 2023

Using references for modeling isn't the issue.

It is HOW you use them that is important.

I get super inspired by either flipping through various awesome scifi designs, or playing scifi games.

I do much less of the latter these days.

For one I am too busy having fun creating content for you.


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Improve your hard surface skills in Blender! Jan 15, 2023

 What do you mean you tried?

A child tries. A man succeeds.

No excuses!

But wait...

What if I told you there is a great way to learn faster?

In fact it's the best way to get better an anything in life.

Did you guess what it is?

That's right, it's practice!


It is not good enough...

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Hard Surface Modeling - SciFi Scope Blender TUTORIAL Jan 01, 2023

Today we will dive into a practical and realistic scifi design tutorial for hard surface in Blender. We will go through the entire process from a cube to an awesome scifi scope design.

However, before we begin, let's talk about something really important, something that most Blender beginners...

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Pushing hard surface modeling skills in Blender. Dec 05, 2022

Yes, there is ONE WAY way to get better at Blender.

Come to think of that, it is the only way to get better at anything.


That's right.

And guess what, there is no such thing as too much practice.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, we all need more of it.


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Mechs, Blender, and a lot of FUN! Nov 14, 2022

Mechs are the truth.

They are like a holy grail of scifi.

But designing one can seem overwhelming.

Mostly due to the complexity of the form.

Mechs can also take loads of time to model.

But there is an easy way to learn how to design badass mechs.


Well, start with simple shapes and smaller bits....

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Let's Create An Organic Hard Surface Model in Blender Nov 01, 2022

They look awesome, right?

But how to create them!

Supple curves mixed with hard angles can be a superb combo.

It is a great way to spice up your folio and hone your hard surface skills.

All in one go!


They look cool.

Seem to be fun to model.

But how easy are they really to make?

Well, here is your...

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It is never too late to start learning Blender Oct 22, 2022

Stop with the excuses and start now!

Blender is easy to learn, especially if you follow our tutorials.

The main goal of Blender Bros is to help YOU get better at hard surface modeling, and Blender in general.

But wait! We go far beyond that!

Whether it is scifi design or rendering, post...

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