Hard Surface Modeling in Blender - SciFi Pilot Seat

modeling tutorial

Using references for modeling isn't the issue.

It is HOW you use them that is important.

I get super inspired by either flipping through various awesome scifi designs, or playing scifi games.

I do much less of the latter these days.

For one I am too busy having fun creating content for you.

The other reason is I simply cant be bothered anymore.

I think it's the game quality going down the drain that caused it.

You know what I mean?

Shaite after shaite after even softer shaite.

The good news is that there are plenty of really talented artists out there and we can draw inspiration from one another.

So how do we use references correctly then?

Let me tell you what works for me, and maybe you will find it useful.

I grab a cup of coffee, fire up my pure refs and simply go through a ref after ref.

Then, suddenly, one of them grabs me and says "ooooi, over here you muppet"

One you find that visual hook that pulls you and shakes your mind, you've got it.

All I do then is build upon an idea. Kinda fly with it.

See, the thing is that the more references you look at the more you immerse your brain in that world.

Eventually, you begin to speak the visual lingo.

What I would encourage you to do is to look at references for say 30 min or 1h and then close them and start modeling.

It is much harder but much more rewarding and educational.

This is how I designed this scifi pilot seat in the video above.

Have a watch!