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From a Blockout to a Mech in Blender

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Yeah...chill your moobs, mate. Let's start from the beginning and do it right.

Blockouts. Why blockouts? Well, think about it, with bad foundations any construction will be unstable.

You need follow rules of proportion, scale, and overall sense of balance in your work.

Blockout is the backbone of your model, if you mess that up, the whole thing will look as if it had scoliosis.

So, take your time, do a research, run a few dummy blockouts, move things about, delete and start over if you have to, etc. This is the stage where anything goes.

Then we arrive at mid detail. Now this is where we can start fleshing out more defined shapes that will follow the idea of the backbone we have just created.

The key to a good mid detail stage is NOT to rush into tertiary details blindfold. This is an easy trap to fall into, and if you are not an experienced artist you may end up wasting time on adding a ton of detail that you will end up removing.

So hold your horses, don't get too excited and be cool ya. Easy does it.

And finally tertiary detail stage. Now you can go nuts, but not entirely. See, tertiary detail is like seasoning. Overdo it and you will mess up the whole dish.

Use detail clustering, make sure you leave empty spaces for the eyes to rest, use echoing of detail or repetition but with some changes here and there to scale shape rotation, etc.

Be clever and creating, and try not to get frustrated. It all comes with practice and that takes time.

So be patient, keep pushing and you WILL improve gradually. It is inevitable.

Remember, the only people who do not improve are those who give up. You are a part of Blender Bros family. We do not give up, we just go through walls.


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