Mechs, Blender, and a lot of FUN!

mech modeling tutorial

Mechs are the truth.

They are like a holy grail of scifi.

But designing one can seem overwhelming.

Mostly due to the complexity of the form.

Mechs can also take loads of time to model.

But there is an easy way to learn how to design badass mechs.


Well, start with simple shapes and smaller bits.  

A joint, a chest piece, a mounted cannon or a foot.

Whenever you look at a complex piece, always remember that it consists of smaller and simpler shapes.

Then, each of those simple shapes can be stripped down to primitives like a cube or cylinder.

So, by creating bits of mechs, you will inadvertently start working on a final design.

If you approach every design from this angle, modeling will seem less daunting.

And in order to get you started I recorded a short modeling Blender tutorial for hard surface in which we will design a mech joint.

Ready? Let's goooooooo!

Mech Joint TUTORIAL in Blender