Improve your hard surface skills in Blender!

modeling tutorial

 What do you mean you tried?

A child tries. A man succeeds.

No excuses!

But wait...

What if I told you there is a great way to learn faster?

In fact it's the best way to get better an anything in life.

Did you guess what it is?

That's right, it's practice!


It is not good enough to practice once in a blue moon.


You need to be consistent.

Bah, I know it is not easy, with all the distractions around you.

PC games, a cool movie, new hot neighbour...

But guess what - this is why 98% of people stay mediocre.

The are the slow-lane dreamers.

Weak cars that get passed by on a highway.


I know you are not one of those.

You would not be reading this if you were.

So back to modeling hard surface in Blender.

Since we are both on the same path to success, and want to get better at it, I recorded a really cool modeling tutorial for you.

It covers all the workflow for hard surface in Blender, including the texturing.


Let's go!