Blender Hard Surface Modeling Tutorial - SciFi Radar

hard ops & boxcutter tutorial

Recently, we've been working on some more complicated (yet fun!) 3D projects in Blender (foreshadowing, maybe? Hmmm...)

However, there is one specific model that Ryuu recently did a fantastic job on. I was seriously impressed!

And guess what? This model is really simple to make.

We've recorded a detailed and powerful video showing you the entire process of modeling a SciFi radar in Blender from scratch. Yup - the image you see below is what you'll learn how to make. Pretty cool, right?

Practicing as often as possible will keep you immersed in the world of 3D. It is key to advancing your modeling skills. This video will show you some useful tricks and modeling techniques, including:

  • Easy hard surface modeling techniques & workflows in Blender
  • How to achieve a balanced, visual aesthetic for your models 
  • A simple boolean workflow for powerful designs

Click the video above to get started! You'll love this one.



- Blender Bros


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