BOOLEAN Workflow - Blender Hard Surface Modeling Tutorial

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When you think of booleans, you might think of basic stuff like cutting holes or running slice operations.

But the truth is, booleans can do a lot more.

Like, a LOT more.

You see, when I use booleans, most of the time I do indeed use the basic ones, like Difference or Union.

But sometimes, I'll run into situations where I need to use more than that by combining multiple boolean operations together.

It may seem complex, but it's actually super simple if you understand how each boolean operation is going to work.

That's why in today's video, I want to show you a process for creating a solid mechanical piece using Difference Booleans and Intersection Booleans.

You may have not thought of this approach before, but it will blow your mind once you see it!

So click the video above to give it a watch :)


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