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It is all down to one word: immersion.

Let's go back in time to when you were born.

How did you learn to do anything? How did you learn to walk, talk, eat, etc.?

From your parents of course.

But do you know why you managed to learn so quickly and so effortlessly?

You've got it, it was because of immersion.

Now, depending where you are from, the customs, languages, etc will be different.

The same applies to learning anything, including scifi hard surface in Blender.

But... there is a catch.

See, the key element to learning is quality of the source.

FB and Instagram are flooded with garbage quality art, and if you let your brain absorb these on a daily basis, the you will start believing that this is the standard you should aspire to.

Very dangerous thing to do, since it could program your mind incorrectly.

So, what's the solution?

You need to strife to find the best quality of the type of art you are after.

Go to Art Station, find the top dogs of your niche, then see whom they follow, and follow them. 

Surround your self with a good quality art and people who are WAY better than you.

It is the harsh critiques that ground you in reality, not some bs FB likes from your relatives.

Now, the video linked above is showing arguably THE best scifi hard surface design in the game industry as of today.

Star Citizen has a lot of issues, and imho is not really a game, at least not yet (if ever), BUT the quality of design is world class.

Immerse yourself in it, study it, absorb it.

Best of luck!



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