The AI Revolution: How Can You SUCCEED


Don’t tell me you’re not concerned. Every single artist out there is worried. And for a good reason! But is that fear justified? Also, where are we headed? Real-life Matrix? Possibly. Or possibly not. You do realise it is up to us how it all ends. Yes, you included.

But… Enough with the drama. Let’s look at this from a healthy perspective. Life is a bumpy road. In fact, the bumpier the better. And I decided to look at AI as another bump. Keyword here is “decided”. That’s right. YOUR decision is what matters here. So sure, AI is bit of a bump, but after all it’s just another bump.

Let me tell you a short story. Over 15 years ago I started a business with a friend of mine. Knew the guy 10 years. His job was to create a platform, and mine was to create content. Long story short, two years later he buggered off and locked me out. Yup, two years of my work – out of the window. WITHOUT a single penny.

Initially I was furious. Wouldn’t you be? BUT, I did something that brought me success later on. I adapted. I learned photography and launched another business. Then, I started Blender, met Josh, and here we are. Now, I am laughing looking back.

You know what it was, right? Yup, just another bump. So, the bottom line is that AI is here. And guess what. Nothing we can do to stop it from evolving. So, what the hell do we do then? Well, watch the video above and see!