When polygons fail...

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We love polygon modeling - we really do!

But sometimes, it just isn't as practical or efficient as other software like CAD.

You see, in polygon-based modeling, everything is defined by, well, polygons - the good ol' vertices, edges, and faces which define them. But in CAD software, polygons don't exist; the models are defined by mathematical equations.

The benefits of this can be immense, since we'll never run into those nasty situations where we have geometry overlaps or weird shading issues.

On the flip side, we find CAD modeling (for what we do, at least) to be quite boring, inefficient, and quite frankly, not worth the effort.

You see, much of the benefits that come from using CAD software can also be created inside of polygon-based software like Blender - you just have to know how to approach it.

And in today's video, I'd like to show you exactly that! A weird, tricky situation which is best suited for CAD can be done directly inside of Blender.

Click the video above to learn how!


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