Rendering University - now available!

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It's finally out!

Our flagship course Rendering University is now available.

You see, one problem we've seen amongst many 3D artists is that they struggle to get jobs, gain clients, and build a following on social media for their 3D work. Well, we're going to change that!


Did you know that 90% of 3D artists barely put any work into their portfolio, leading them to mediocre results?

Your competition is lower than you think, and with a few key tweaks to the way you present your work, you can be in the top 10% of 3D artists.

If you're stuck in the endless loop of watching YouTube tutorials and trying to stand out as an artist, we feel your pain.

Fortunately, we went through this same struggle so you don't have to (and we know exactly how to help you excel as a 3D artist in this ever-competitive industry).


Welcome to Rendering University!

A step-by-step formula to mastering your presentation skills to build a rewarding career, earn a loyal following, and do work that you're excited about in the world of 3D.

For the past 2.5 years, we've been helping tens of thousands of 3D artists gain clients & followers, improve their portfolios, and master the art of rendering & presentation to become a highly reputable 3D artist.

We don't care about your creativity level, your natural talent, or where you're from.

None of that matters.

If you have a computer that can run Blender (or your 3D software of choice), then you are able to build the skills needed to stand out amongst your competition and win in the world of 3D.

Introducing Rendering University - an A-Z Bible of EVERYTHING you need to know about rendering, composition, and presentation in order to build the 3D lifestyle you've always dreamt of.


Does this sound like you?

  • Not getting followers on Social Media/Artstation for your 3D work?
  • Getting little to no client work or job offers?
  • Constantly reaching out to companies looking for a job in the 3D field, instead of them reaching out to you?
  • Struggle with lighting & composition?
  • Not sure how to properly present your 3D work?
  • Confused on how to build a portfolio - the right way?
  • Don't understand how to get past the modeling stage and effectively present your work?
  • Watching tons of tutorials on modeling, rendering, and lighting just to get a decent result?
  • For goodness sake - you just want to find some clients and build a following!!


Click here to learn more about Rendering University.

- Josh & Ryuu (Blender Bros)